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Therapist Mattress

The perfect combination of pocket spring system and visco

All springs within the 5 Zone Pocket Spring System are placed independently into the mattress. As a result, only the springs that are under pressure of body are responsive. Due to this fact, partners do not get affected by each other’s movements in bed. Additionally, it provides specific pressures to different body parts as required. 5 zones, with 5 different levels of hardness, provide optimum support to different parts of body. In this context, most support is given to back area of the body where the highest pressure is applied on the mattress, preventing the body sinking into bed and enabling a comfortable sleep.

Human body sweats certain amount every night while sleeping. Cool & Dry fabric discharges this humidity by absorbing it first. While the porous fabric keeps body temperature balanced, dry environment increases sleeping quality and offers a therapy like sleep. Please come to our furniture shop in Lefkosa, North Cyprus to try our this fascinating mattress.

Space technology visco material, which is used on both sides, is sensitive to body weight and temperature. It supports each part of the body only at required amount and as a result blood circulation keeps at normal levels. Since the discomfort in sleep is minimized, there will be minimal turning during sleep. Lack of disrupt in sleep not only increases the deep sleep time and but improves sleep quality. Due to usage of visco on both sides of the mattress with a special technique applied, top visco part gives the best body support, whereas the bottom visco layer helps the body to be in conformance with the bed. It can be used both sides.

Side support foams are designed specifically to prevent deformations due to side-sitting habits.


Other Advantages
Therapist mattress can be customized in size to fit your room and furniture. Official warranty is 2 years and once registered on CRM, this extends to 5 years. Therapist mattress is sold in North Cyprus at Yatsan store only.