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Switzerland Mattress

A bed to be enjoyed by everyone, not only hard mattress fans...

Produced with pocket spring system and stiff fill material, SWITZERLAND is an ideal bed for hard mattress fans in North Cyprus. White felt used on both sides of the mattress not only makes the bed harder, but also helps mattress to breathe and provide a sterile sleep environment.

It offers an outstanding comfort that will be enjoyed by everyone, not only hard mattress fans...

Pocket spring system consists of springs that are placed inside textile pockets that are connected to each other. As a result, each spring behaves individually and reacts same way against pressure.

Individually acting springs providesan ideal orthopedic environment for the body; it regulates blood circulation and decreases involuntary moves in sleep.

Other Advantages
Switzerland mattress can be customized in size to fit your room and furniture. Official warranty is 2 years and once registered on CRM, this extends to 5 years. Switzerland mattress is sold in North Cyprus at Yatsan stores only.