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Royalty Mattress

The perfect design combining various technologies giving the feeling of spring mattress base.

Thanks to two different spring systems and the integration of 12 different layers within, including visco, ROYALTY mattress provides the perfect spring mattress base effect, without the mattress base itself.

You may come to our mattress shop in Lefkosa Cyprus to try out the Royalty mattress.

Visco layer on top of two spring technologies, ‘Multi Spring’ system laid under the ‘Pocket Spring’ system, offers a unique design.

‘Pocket Spring’ system is composed of individual fabric pockets with springs inside at different resistance levels, which are placed along the mattress surface at 5 different zones. As a result, different and optimal support is provided to different parts of the body.

The 5 cm viscoelastic pad used at the top layer completes the perfect structure of ROYALTY mattress by minimizing the pressure on the body. The integrated pad used at the top layer which is made of a viscoelastic material of 5 cm, completes the excellent structure of ROYALTY by reducing the pressure on the body to minimum.