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Perfect Sleeper Mattress

A unique product that combines visco and latex technologies.

Perfect Sleeper mattress offers a perfect sleeping experience by eliminating boundaries between visco and latex beds, by including visco on one side and latex layer on the other and supported by pocket spring system.

Latex layer inside provides excellent air circulation by balancing the pressure; and visco provides the perfect support to body by responding to heat.

Intelligent and variable support provided by 'Pocket Spring' system.

'The Pocket Spring is composed of springs embedded in pockets that are spread among 5 zones of Perfect Sleeper mattress, providing the optimum pressure response to different parts of human body.

Moreover, the silk double jersey fabric not only provides extra softness to the mattress, but also helps to maintain room temperature on the surface of the mattress.

In North Cyprus, you can only find Perfect Sleeper mattress Yatsan store.