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Panna Furniture Set

The Panna bed set is perfect for those who prefer a higher bed and sleeping position options when buying bedroom furniture in North Cyprus.

The simple design and muted colour of the Panna adjustable bed set blends beautifully with any decor, while the base hides a smart mechanism that changes your sleeping position at the touch of a button.

Sleep in a variety of positions from horizontal to reclining, and then press the remote control on your side of the bed to gently fold the mattress in the middle. From this position, those with morning mobility problems or pregnant women can easily just rise to a standing position without stress on their knees or backs. Unlike other adjustable bed set you may find in North Cyprus furniture shops, the Panna includes an integrated foot plate at the end of the bed mechanism, which moves with the mattress, rather than being fixed to the bed base.

A website image doesn't do justice to this very comfortable bed set - why not come and try it for yourself at your furniture showroom in North Nicosia.

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