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Marine Mattress

If you favor new and innovative ideas, you will love the “Fresh Foam” technology.

Discharging the humidity originates in sleep by inserting gels inside the visco material and maximizing visco comfort.

This is a brand new idea.

We invite you to North Cyprus Yatsan store to introduce “Fresh Foam” technology that minimizes the transition to sleep. Because we know that you love innovations.

Thanks to “Fresh Foam” technology on top section, thousands of gel capsules placed within visco material helps discharging humidity out. By doing this, feeling of sweating is minimized.

In addition to its gel components, “Fresh Foam” technology enables air circulation within the mattress with additional permeable air cells.

Visco support in the middle helps the bed fit the body, not the opposite.

Visco material, which is activated with body temperature and weight, never gives extra pressure and provides relaxation. HR polyurethane’s high elasticity, used as sub support, maximizes the performance of visco material. It is long lasting, hygienic and highly comfortable mattress.


Other Advantages
Therapist mattress can be customized in size to fit your room and furniture. Official warranty is 2 years and once registered on CRM, this extends to 5 years. Marine visco mattress is sold in North Cyprus at Yatsan store only.