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Dushesse Mattress

One day you buy a bed and your life changes completely...

You wake up from your bed more rested and healthy every day, and become much happier by reflecting the positive energy you gain. Dushesse is a very special mattress to provide you with such comfort, thanks to the combination of superior qualities of MultiSpring spring system and Cool&Dry fabric technologies, and also usage of natural wool and cotton in a single concept.

You will feel how a mattress can change your life once you test Dushesse yourself in our furniture shop in North Cyprus.


Multi Spring technology is among the top in terms of the highest number of springs in a unit square meter mattress area and makes your turns in bed during sleep much more comfortable by supporting your body significantly more. By increasing the number of springs, it fully supports body spaces.

Human body transpires certain amount of humidity during sleep. If not discharged, such humidity increases the feeling of sweating during sleep, eventually causing disruption of sleep. Cool&Dry fabric prevents the humidity stick to the body, due to its high vapour permeability.

Natural cotton used on one side of the mattress keeps ideal body temperature and minimizes the feeling of sweating by discharging humidity. Wool used on the other side of the mattress helps keeping body temperature stable due to the air that fills space between the fibers; and also helps excess heat to be disposed by discharge of body humidity. Hyper fill material keeps your body’s natural “S” shape while standing and increases quality of your sleep by improved ergonomics.

Other advantages
Dushesse mattress is long lasting in addition to its superior comfort. It is hygienic. It can be customized in size to fit your room and furniture. Official warranty is 2 years and once registered on CRM, this extends to 5 years. Dushesse is sold in North Cyprus at Yatsan store only.