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Dream Furniture Set

Never has a bed set had such an appropriate name, as you'll realise when you first see this bed in our North Cyprus furniture shop!

This delightful circular bed is made with extra soft silicon sponge covered in a fully cotton cover, for a relaxing and dreamy sleep. The foam both supports your body fully while you sleep, and also reduces the impact of your partner's movements. So, however much they turn or move, you stay still and relaxed, and get a great night's sleep. Try it for yourself at our Lefkosa furniture shop - and bring a friend!

The unique circular design of the Dream bed set also gives you a great feeling of space, since there are no straight edges to constrict you both physically or psychologically. In a Dream bed, anything seems possible...

Ask about our easy payment plan for the Dream bed set or any other furniture in our showroom or on this website; just call 0533 864 04 53 for details.

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