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Cheateau Furniture Set

The Cheateau Bed Set from YATSAN looks simply superb in our furniture shop in Lefkosa, and will look even better in your home!

The deep chocolate colour is perfect to complement any decor, whilst giving a feeling of luxury and decadence. (Who doesn't love the idea of lying on chocolate!) From the crafted buttoned pattern headboard to the discreet skirting around the bed base, the Cheateau Bed Set is the envy of many other furniture shops in North Cyprus.

As with all YATSAN furniture, you can be sure of high quality and long-lasting durability when you are buying furniture in North Cyprus from us. You are welcome to try out the Cheateau Bed Set at our Lefkosa furniture showroom; just come in loose clothing and shoes you can easily remove. Feel free to spend as long as you like sitting, lying or just lounging on our range of beds, sofas and dining room furniture, all within 20 minutes drive from Kyrenia. We'll even deliver your new furniture free to any part of North Cyprus!

Why don't you come and see Cheateau Bed Set and other furniture sets live in our North Cyprus furniture showroom today?

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