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Baleine Furniture Set

If you want a contemporary design bed for your North Cyprus home or apartment, look no further than the new Baleine bedset from YATSAN.

The smart black leather bed set is stylish, sophisticated and incredibly comfortable too. Lie back and enjoy the feeling of space, and admire the smooth leatherwork on the sloping bedstead and base side. Put the Baleine bedset to the test at our YATSAN furniture store in Lefkosa anytime - we're just a 20 min drive from Kyrenia.

The Belaine bedset combines the elegance of a sleigh bed with the design of a pedestal bed. The gently curving sides are raised from the floor with flush legs that just raise this stylish bed off the floor, to improve air circulation. As with all our beds at our furniture shop in North Cyprus, you can choose a mattress to suit your needs, including mattresses with visco-elastic memory foam that moulds to your body shape whilst keeping you cool.

Why don't you come and see Baleine Bed Set and other furniture sets live in our North Cyprus furniture showroom today?

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