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Aqua Mattress

“Fresh Foam” technology that doubles the visco pleasure

Imagine thousands of gel capsules placed within visco material.

And these capsules will serve as air conditioner and keep your body temperature balanced, enabling a dry environment for a deep and uninterrupted sleep. That’s what we call “Fresh Foam” technology. A true marvel of technology that maximizes visco comfort. From YATSAN Cyprus to all who know the true value of sleep.

For those who favor spring mattress, AQUA mattress offers a unique experience by combining visco material – developed by NASA originally - and pocket spring system.


With “Fresh Foam” technology, which is used on top section, body humidity is discharged by means of thousands of gel capsules inserted within visco material. Such circulation minimizes feeling of sweating.

In addition to its gel capsules, “Fresh Foam” technology also helps air ventilation within mattress with additional permeable air cells.

Visco material that comes with “Fresh Foam” technology helps the mattress to fit body shape, not the opposite. Visco material is activated by body temperature and weight; it does not pressurize but helps relaxation. You may come to our furniture and mattress shop in North Cyprus to try our this bed any time.

Different parts of the body are supported at optimal levels with the help of 5 zone pocket spring system. Human body gives different amounts of pressure to different sections of the bed due to its anatomy. 5 zone pocket spring system reacts to these variable pressure levels at optimal levels and maximize comfort.

Partners will not get affected from each other’s movements in sleep due to 5 zone pocket spring system.

Other Advantages
Aqua mattress can be customized in size to fit your room and furniture. Official warranty is 2 years and once registered on CRM, this extends to 5 years. Aqua mattress is sold in North Cyprus at Yatsan store only.